Lights twinkling and warm wishes all around; you know it’s here. The holiday season has arrived. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to tell the story of some of our past clients we saw all the way home for the holidays!

Angie & Jared

“I am most excited to be able to experience my babies first everything this year for the holidays. The most enjoyable thing so far about our new house is the fact that it’s ours. It’s the first new house our whole family has together, decorating it to what we want and really having something that’s ours is nice and exciting!”

Angie and Jared plan to host their holiday festivities in their new home for the first time and are excited to relax rather than travel. The couple worked with Sarah Feeney who is a long-time family friend.

“We had a baby in the spring and quickly outgrew our first house and became interested in looking into what was available. Sarah was amazing to work with. She was very honest and upfront with us and always kept positive energy and always very reassuring and accommodated to our busy schedule. She always advocated for us and what we wanted.” Some advice Angie wants to give future home buyers is to not get discouraged. “It can be very trying but stay positive and always always get a home inspection and trust your instincts.”

-Angie & Jared | Agent: Sarah Feeney

Trish & Drew

Trish and Drew are most excited setting up the first Christmas tree in their new home! They are planning on utilizing in their cozy den, complete with a wood-burning fireplace. But one of the most enjoyable things about their new home is having more space.

“We loved our first home, but we had outgrown it and felt cramped with our family of 4. We wanted to move now while kids are still young to avoid changing school districts at an older age. The kids love our big bathtub and eating meals at the breakfast bar!” Trish said.

The family has lots of exciting traditions to look forward to including the infamous Elf on a Shelf. “Every year we have a Christmas advent calendar tradition. The kids jump out of bed every morning in December to go check the calendar.”

One of the biggest pieces of advice they have for future sellers or buyers out there is to have patience. “I started to feel panicked when we didn’t find a house right away. Sometimes you need to wait for a little to find the best house for you and know what you’re looking for. Trish and Drew worked with their cousin, Frank Rozwood who secured their new home in a multiple offer situation. “Frank was great to work with. Our old house sold very quickly and we got way over our asking price! Frank helped guide us in that tense process of making an offer and waiting to see if we got it. He’s experienced and fun; good at what he does.”

-Trish & Drew | Agent: Frank Rozwood