10 Activities to get you through WNY Winters

We know what it’s like to not want to leave the house in 20-degree weather. But we also know what it’s like to be a Western New Yorker and use these grueling temps and snow to our advantage! With the holidays right around the corner, think about how you’d want to spend your Christmas vacation… or just make January a little less bleak. Today we’re bringing you 10 activities to add to your Winter Bucket List.

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Fall in the Southtowns

There’s always something to do once fall rolls around. The question is- where do you start? We’ve collected a few festive activities down in the Southtowns! So whether you’re looking for a family-friendly fall day, pick up the best carving pumpkin,  an evening full of haunting scares with friends, or want to celebrate Halloween dressed up at your some of your favorite bars, there’s an activity for everyone!

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