How To House Hunt

House hunting does not have to be an overwhelming process. With an agent with you every step of the way, and these tips, we hope that you’re getting excited about this journey!

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11 Typical Buyer Questions

There are so many different aspects to consider when you’re getting ready to buy a home. We see the same questions asked by our clients so we’re bringing you the answers! If you’re looking to buy, these are 11 of the most typical buyer questions and our expert answers.


There are many benefits such as pride of ownership, an increased sense of security, the ability to make improvements of your choice and not least of all, tax benefits.

Because all Realtors have access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and all of the available listings, one Realtor, whom you feel comfortable with, will save you time – you won’t need to requalify each time.

Make a list of everything you like and don’t like as you go through each home. Then as you travel to the next house, you can review this information with your Realtor.

YES! However, no house is perfect in every way. There will be something that is not exactly right or in accordance with your criteria. If you can get 90% of the features that you require, that may be the one for you.

Ask your realtor for a sample blank contract. There are differences in financing, contingencies, inclusions and specific dates.

Regulations and requirements regarding home inspections differ widely throughout the country. It is recommended that you get a licensed home inspection; your Realtor can recommend many reputable inspectors.


Ask your realtor for a sample blank contract. There are differences in financing, contingencies, inclusions and specific dates.

At the time you sit down for the buyer-counseling interview, you may wish to start the process. You should talk to a mortgage broker and pursue getting pre-approval. That way when you are ready to put in an offer, you look like a strong, ready, willing and able buyer to the seller.

Your buyer’s agent will give you a list of all the items pertaining to income and debts that your lender will require in order to speed up the process for approval.

Buyers usually second guess themselves as to whether or not they made the correct decision. This normally sets in between the time the contract is signed and is closed. You can contact your Realtor if/when you begin to get those feelings. Just know that these feelings are normal and most buyers feel this way.

Your buyer’s agent will lead you through the steps that you need to take after the offer is accepted. There are many service providers you need to contact at certain times during the transition. You agent will lead you through this process.

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