Julianna Beyo

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

A little about me...

Since the 6th grade, I've felt a strong calling to pursue a career that makes a meaningful impact on people's lives. My fascination with psychology and sociology ignited my journey. Initially, I embarked on a path in psychology, later switching to Addiction Counseling, where I earned my associates degree. My academic endeavors then led me to Buffalo State, where I fell in love with both the city of Buffalo and its diverse community. It was there that I earned my Bachelor's in Social Work. My experiences have been just as diverse, from working with homeless youth, individuals battling addiction, and providing social services to caring for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. However, I eventually felt the need to explore a different path. For the past six years, I've honed my people skills as a bartender, mastering the craft of customer service. With seven years of management experience under my belt, I've held various roles - thanks to my leadership abilities, unwavering dedication and hard work. On my days off, I keep myself busy with workouts, crafting, cooking, and getting hands-on with woodwork. My resourcefulness, creativity, and knack for being handy have always driven me to explore new avenues.