Buffalo native Lucy Lopez kicked off 2018 by joining Envision Real Estate as their Marketing Success Manager. With a diverse background in communications,  social media, graphic design and writing, Lucy will be bringing life to the team’s creative ideas and marketing client’s homes. Lucy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Buffalo State in 2015.

Prior to her career in marketing, Lucy has had a variety of positions that have molded her into the professional she is today. She began her career going back to teach at her high school, Mount Saint Mary Academy, where she was involved in aiding in the youth entrepreneurship program, journalism program and taught digital photography. Lucy then continued her journalism career at a local newspaper and finally found her love for marketing after working at a small firm as a copywriter.

Lucy has always worked on freelance projects in the Buffalo fashion industry from event coordinating to being a blogger for fashion week and designing graphics for events.  Lucy has also been writing for Procter and Gamble’s lifestyle website P&G Everyday since 2016. One of the projects she is most proud of is her lifestyle blog Lucy has had to really become a Jane-of-All-Trades and has had to fine tune her creative skills including web design, graphic design and photography. She’s been able to see the power of marketing by being on the content creation side for the last few years.

As an only child, Lucy has been a naturally social person for as long as she can remember. She prides herself on being able to carry her strong social skills into her professional life. In her downtime, Lucy is a total city girl and will be found checking out the latest spots to eat. Lucy has always stayed local, and while she enjoys traveling, Buffalo is always home.